Most people do not hire a limousine every day.  Limos are reserved for those special occasions—the weddings, proms, graduations and family reunions when everyone wants to ride together and enjoy the time spent with friends.  Dream Shuttles provides the very best in limousine service without the headache of a cramped, closed-in vehicle.  Our party buses do limousine duty in style but allow you to take along 20 of your closest friends!

Dream Shuttles bills itself as a “party bus” service, but what we actually do is create memorable transportation experiences for groups just like yours, even if you are not in the “party crowd.”  Our buses are comfortable, roomy and feature the latest in video and audio technology so that you and your friends can enjoy a great ride no matter what type of event you attend.

There are many reasons people like the “party bus” service of Dream Shuttles.  Some people frankly want to be able to have a drink or two without risking driving dangerously or being caught for DUI.  Others never touch a drop of alcohol but still enjoy leaving the driving to someone else so that they do not have to battle the traffic and crowds around a major sporting event or concert.  Still others just want to relax and enjoy the company of friends without having to take multiple vehicles to a party or family reunion, or want to spend the time on the road more productively by holding an impromptu business meeting complete with PowerPoint presentations.  Whatever the reason for hiring a “party bus,” it is important that the people who are going to be using this service have the right accommodations and services to meet their specific needs.

Dream Shuttles understands that not only is renting a limousine or engaging bus transportation a special occasion for most people but that almost everyone lives on a budget.  It is critical that large groups have safe transportation but also that everyone be able to afford the trip!  Dream Shuttles can work with groups of almost any size to create a transportation plan that will give the group the ride they need and the amenities they want at a price they can handle.

Dream Shuttles offers top-of-the-line buses that include step-on and step-off street-height floors so there are no steep stairs to climb.  These buses also include six-foot ceiling heights so even the tallest members of the party will not feel cramped.  The bench seats allow guests to slide into place and move around freely inside the bus rather than navigate crowded aisles, and the video and audio technology in every bus allows guests to choose any type of media presentation they like during the ride:  movies, music, business presentations or videos can be piped in via wireless or Bluetooth so that everyone can enjoy the lights and sounds!

Dream Shuttles will work with groups of up to 20 to accommodate them with all their transportation issues.  With Dream Shuttles, you never have to worry about a dull trip again!