Boulder Party Bus

Dream Shuttles is a “party bus” company providing service to Boulder, Colorado.  However, this company is much more than just Party Central!  You will find great drivers, comfortable limousine-style buses and service to any location in and around the Denver area with Dream Shuttles.

Dream Shuttles is a limousine and bus service that provides a different type of transportation than the usual taxi or bus company.  Our vehicles have standard six-foot ceiling heights and step-on, step-off floor heights to prevent stooping, trips and falls and other accidents or injuries.  Bench seating is ranged along the walls so everyone can move around comfortably during the trip without the narrow aisles and other problems often associated with bus transportation.

We also provide the latest video and audio technology in every vehicle so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.  Bring your favorite dance mix on CD or in MP3 format, your favorite videos and other media; we’ll be happy to plug it in for you while you dance the night away or sing along with your friends!  For corporate travelers, we can set up wireless or Bluetooth presentation equipment so that you can use your travel time to share information with your colleagues or prepare everyone for an upcoming meeting.  No matter what your media requirements, Dream Shuttles has the onboard technology to provide you with lights, video and sound to make your communication needs a reality.

Dream Shuttles provides unparalleled transportation service for parties of all types.  We offer various packages that include food, drink and other perks to make your evening special.  Dream Shuttles can provide desserts, sandwiches, cheeses, wines, soft drinks, bottled water and other food or drink to make your trip enjoyable.  Your next bachelor or bachelorette party, family reunion, birthday or concert trip can be the best ever with the help of Dream Shuttles transportation.

To help you save money, Dream Shuttles offers a variety of pre-arranged transportation packages that include pickup and dropoff from a single location and a certain number of hours and stops along the way.  For parents who simply want a Dream Shuttles bus to safely transport children to and from an important event, there is a package that includes a few hours of wait time along with a ride back and forth from one location.  For adults looking for a “bar-hopping” experience, Dream Shuttles can create a multi-stop trip at several local venues that are pre-chosen by the company.  For everything in between, Dream Shuttles offers great packages that will meet almost any need.  For those with special agendas or requests, Dream Shuttles will work with you to craft a unique transportation package that meets your requirements.

Dream Shuttles serves the greater Denver and Boulder areas but can also be hired to transport groups to more distant locations.  Call Dream Shuttles today to find out how we can meet your specific transportation needs for groups of up to 20 adults or children.