Party Bus Denver

It is hard to say which is better—having your own private transportation to pamper yourself and your friends with luxury or forgetting about the headaches and worries of driving on the crowded streets of Denver.  For some people, the best thing about a party bus is that they can spend time having fun with friends instead of concentrating on driving.  For others, the ability to forget about a drink limit and indulge in some weekend frivolity tops the list.  Whatever your reason for hiring a party bus in Denver, Colorado, Dream Shuttles is guaranteed to make your dreams come true!

Our party bus services in Denver cater to all ages, group sizes and types of people.  While we use the term “party bus” to describe our full-sized limousine/bus combinations, we really mean “get together bus.”  Some of our best groups have been ladies out for an afternoon of touring or children headed to a big birthday party or concert.  Do not let the name fool you; we are dedicated to providing transportation to any group of up to 20 who wants to spend time with friends and family while traveling to exciting destinations.

Just to give you an example of the flexibility of a party bus entourage, here are some examples of groups that might make trips in Dream Shuttles vehicles:

  • A bridal party out for a bachelorette’s night on the town
  • A bachelor party entourage headed in to Denver for a “pub crawl”
  • A group of teens whose parents want to make sure they stay safe on prom night
  • Children who are headed to the zoo for an afternoon of fun with a couple of adult chaperones
  • A group of retired teachers who want to tour the Denver area, stop for lunch and end up at a lecture series at a local college
  • Friends who are headed to Red Rocks Amphitheater to enjoy an evening of musical entertainment by a famous band
  • A group of college friends who wants to do a “club tour” for an evening with an experienced guide who will see them all safely home

Whether you are looking for transportation for three or 20 people, Dream Shuttles vehicles will give you the safe, comfortable transport you need at a reasonable price.  All of our vehicles are step-on, step-off height to ensure that everyone can enter and exit safely with a minimum of fuss.  Once on the bus, you will find six-foot ceiling heights to accommodate everyone comfortably and sliding benches that provide comfortable seating for everyone.  We also include fantastic sound and sight options with our state-of-the art video and audio systems so that you and your group can enjoy music, video or movies during your ride.

Our experienced drivers are held to the highest safety standards, so you always know that you are in good hands.  Dream Shuttles can provide your group with the finest in transportation to any location in the Denver or Boulder area at a reasonable rate.